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Lash Lift Revolution 2.0 PRO




What’s There In PRO Package

01. Package is nearly 9 hours of prerecorded of videos.
02. Includes 3 demonstration models.
03. Comes with the digital manual of 223 pages.
04. Grants 3 months access to the course.
05. Gives an access to regular group Q&A sessions with Uli.
06. Allows to turn on closed captions for each lesson.
07. Provides a certificate upon full completion.

Course Curriculum :

  • What is a Lash Lift?
  • Lash Lift VS Lash Perm Procedure VS Treatment
  • Science behind Lash Lifts. Allergies
  • Station set up. Check List
  • Eyelash assessment. Eyelash classification
  • Multilayered Lashes. Downwards Lashes
  • Types of shields. Shields sanitization
  • 6 Variations of Perming Solution Placement
  • How to choose the right shields. What is Golden Ratio?
  • How to prepare lashes before Lash Lift. False Lash Layer
  • Eyelash Tint. 5 Techniques of Bottom Lash Tinting
  • Eyelash Wash. Memory Code
  • Nourishing Step. 2 techniques of application
  • Shields placement (3 techniques)
  • Lash Lift Glue. How to use every single drop
  • 6 Eyelash Wrapping methods. Flipped Eyelid. Anagen Lashes
  • Overstretched Eyelashes. Deformation
  • Process of Perming Solution
  • Magic Time Formula. Plastic Wrapping
  • How to determine thickness. Matte VS Glossy
  • Lash Check Control. Solution Removal
  • Process of Setting Solution.
  • 2 methods of Root Tension Compensation
  • Lash Lift & Hormones. Lash Lift & Extensions
  • 3 Model Demonstrations with variety of Shields
  • Home Care. Oils Vs Professional Conditioners.